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CHUNK Volume 1

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Osborne and Fawkner is producing  a new Australian and New Zealand Comic Volume.

CHUNK Volume 1 is for your nattiest comic fantasies. SUBMISSIONS WILL OPEN SOON.

A NEW comic strip competition for Australia and New Zealand
Conditions of Entry
1. Entrant: is the individual who submits work for possible selection for CHUNK Volume 1. Entrant understands this clearly.
2. Entries OPEN: 7 June
3. Entries COSE: 7 August 11:59pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
4. The Entrant resides in Australia or New Zealand, the entrant discloses their post code, contact details and pronouns to Publisher, for publisher to contact Entrants professionally, and respectfully.
5. The Entrant must adhere to the theme CHUNK, it can be in any way, what does the word mean to you?
6. The Entrant understands that the $30 AUD entrant fee is used in the production costs associated with producing CHUNK. And paying the entry fee is mandatory to participate in the process of selection. Entry does not guarantee selection. The entrant

understands that this is an opportunity to submit work for possible selection.
7. Entrant agrees to have a Cover Page attached to their submission which includes contact details and name of work.
8. The Entrant understands that if selected there is accomplishment in the fact.
9. The work submitted is An original, independent work.
10. The comic work submitted is formatted in a A4 Format and submitted as a PDF. The creative work (comic) does not exceed 5 pages. That the cartoon is fully comprehensible, text is clear and readable, the pictures are clear, and can be printed in full colour/ black and white in A4 high resolution 300dpi standard. The comic strip will be printed as A4, hence submissions must be assessed as such or not accepted.
11. The work can be fully digital in its creation, or pen to paper, must be professional and submitted digitally ONLY. Through Osborne and Fawkner Publishing, online website.
12. The Entrant permits the publisher to publish their work in the publication titled
CHUNK Volume 1 if their work is selected. The Entrant understands that they cannot withdraw a submission once entered.

13. The entrant warrants that, as of the date of this Agreement and at all times during the Term they have the right, power and authority to enter into this Agreement on signing contract if their piece is selected.
14. The entrant confirms that they are the cartoonist and that they own the copyright of the submitted work.
15. The entrant understands that no further royalties will be paid to them.
16. The entrant confirms that the work does not include names of individuals known or public figures without prior consent
17. The entrant confirms that the work is free from any claims, including copyright or trademark claims, by any other parties
18. The entrant confirms that the work is previously unpublished. The entrant also confirms that the work has not appeared online, such as on a blog or in an anthology and in no way is the work awaiting correspondence as a submission to any other publisher or award outside CHUNK.
19. The entrant confirms that the work has not been submitted for publication or broadcast elsewhere The entrant also confirms that they have had no

discussions regarding the work being included in a podcast, television, radio, recording device to the public prior to entry. After this submission period is complete and if the entrants work is selected and the work is published, the Entrant is free to submit their comic piece where they please. If not selected the Entrant is free to take submission to where they please.
20. No more than one entry per entrant may be submitted. It is the responsibility of the entrant to make sure that no more than one entry is submitted in total.
21. Entrants warrant that their submission is original, entirely their own work, does not infringe any existing copyright, moral rights or any other rights of any third party and contains nothing obscene, slanderous, misogynistic, libelous, unlawful, defamatory, racist, prejudice, or LGBTQIA phobic.
22. By submitting an entry, finalists and the winners agree to make themselves available for public relations activities at a reasonable request wherever possible. These activities may include book signing, meet and greet, bookstore appearances and other publicity related engagements.
23. The selected entrants agree to give an interview that may be recorded, and/ or assist in the production of a follow up article in each case that may be published and made available to the public.

24. The entrant’s name, biography and image may be used in marketing and publicity materials and any announcements, publications and communication relating to CHUNK.
25. In all matters relating to selection , the decision of the publisher is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
26. The comic has a storyline (contains structure) that has a conclusion and relation to the theme ‘chunk’.
27. Entries must include all requested contact details to be eligible for possible selection.
28. Entrants may only enter in their own name /preferred name.
29. The selection is a process assessed by quality in craft, relation to theme “CHUNK” , originality and interpretation of ‘chunk’.

30. On becoming selected the entrant agrees to signing a contract which states their work is original and free of any copyright infringements. And they agree to the terms of agreements outlined here, and in contract. And the entrant will provide promotional information which includes headshot, and short creator biography.
31. Publisher decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.



Process Checklist:

Pay $30 AUD HERE


Prepare Cover Page

(Comic Creator Name and pronoun, Contact Details, Comic Name, date, receipt number from fee)

Prepare Comic and attach to Cover Page, Create PDF

Email Title: CHUNK Entry 2024, Entrant Name, Country


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entries open: June 7

entries close: August 7


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